Meet Our Team

Tayla Nasmith is our Founder/Leader of Nurturing Families 



Hi, I am Tayla! I Founded Nurturing Families when I was 12 years old after being aware of children around me, who lacked the basic essentials they needed to thrive. Outside of the charity, I love staying active, hanging with friends, and looking after my niece and nephews. My biggest goal in life outside of goals I set for the charity, would be to be a mum. Nurturing Families is where my heart is at right now and I work day and night to ensure I lead our community toward a future where one day hopefully we aren't needed. 

 Mel Wardrop is our warehouse manager/social services coordinator. 

 Hi I’m Mel! I am a mum to 3 children who keep me busy and filled with purpose. I started volunteering with Nurturing Families over 2 years ago and I quickly found myself in the warehouse at any spare moment I had. I just Loved everything about the work and mission. This year I was stoked to be able to take on the roll of managing the warehouse and communications with our case workers.

Nicola Larsen is our logistics and community support coordinator


Melanie Nasmith is our community centre coordinator

Hi I’m Mel, the mother of Tayla! For many of the beginning years I facilitated a lot of the giving as Tayla was too young and didn’t have a car or the resources to help by herself. Now I’m involved in the charity in many ways including having a case load of families who we connect with directly in the community. Outside of Nurturing Families I am also a mum to two other children and a Nana to 4 beautiful grandchildren who keep me VERY bus


Alongside these individuals, Our community has around 50 volunteers that help Nurturing Families every month and over 500 volunteers who have given their time since the opening of our warehouse.  Our beautiful volunteers are the driving force behind everything we do, we really would not be anywhere without them!