The Santa Club Christmas Campaign

This year we are on the lookout for amazing humans who wish to be matched with a family in need this Christmas and become someone's santa.

Support Agencies, Social Services, Police, Midwives and many other organisations will be refering families in hardship through to us from the 20th November to 19th December and we will match a family or child in need to you!
You will recieve information on the number of children, the age, the gender and their interests and favourite colours etc to make the gift buying process as personal as possible.
This means you will really get to know where your gifts(s) will be going.
*You then must be able to drop off the present(s), UNWRAPPED, to our community center in Henderson. 
94B Railside Avenue, henderson 0612.*
Our awesome team will be checking through and wrapping the presents ready to be collected by the agency and delivered to the family in time for Christmas!
If this sounds like a bit of you, fill out this form to be partnered up with a family in need <3