About Us

Our Vision

A future where every baby has the correct necessities to enter the world safely.  A future where all families feel loved and cared for when they are experiencing hardship.

A future where every baby is equal.


Our Purpose

We strive to relieve poverty by supplying families in hardship with baby items, emotional support, clothing, food, and other necessities. We will advance the community by bringing people together using community spirit to help each other out when needed.

Our Values

Kindness - We rely on the generosity of the community. We believe it is essential for the world to go round.
Courage - It takes a lot to ask for help. Having the courage to step up and ask for help is something important as we know it’s not easy.
            Dignity - We believe families should feel worthy and appreciated. 
Equality - We are driven by equality. We believe every baby and every family deserves the same treatment and we intend to provide the same experience where possible to every single person that gets help via Nurturing Families.
 Sustainability -  We understand how fast babies grow out of items and these can then be left unused or hardly touched. We are a platform for these items to be passed on and given a new life by recycling from one home to another.

Our History 

Mummys In Need founded in 2012 started with an urgent need. When Tayla Nasmith saw children around her without the basic necessities she knew she could help. Our Facebook page was launched as a between platform for families and donators. It was a place where people in need could contact and we could source donations immediately and pass them straight on to meet the demand.

After just a few months Mummys In Need took off and became a platform meeting a huge demand and supporting around 50 families per month with 2 part time volunteers.

Years on, Mummys In Need now works as a support agency for various midwives, social workers and other organisations helping roughly 400 babies per month with everything children under 12 needs.


In 2023 we decided that our name needed to change, we had grown, we were supporting more than just mothers, we had evolved and so the launch of  Nurturing Families was born.