Our Story

Tayla Nasmith

How did Nurturing Families start?

I [Tayla] started the organisation Nurturing Families when I was 12 years old, under the name Mummys in need!
I had grown up in a house where my family were so generous and always made me aware of issues some families faced.
In 2012 some family friends organised for a container to be sent to the Philippines when they had a huge typhoon. With the help of my local community I gathered 3 van loads of items to add to this container. This sparked my genuine awareness for the struggles people face on a day-to-day basis and I began to look around me a lot more and saw that some children just didn't have what I had (and we were by no means well off but I always had what I needed).

I launched Mummys in Need as a platform where people could anonymously message us when they needed baby items. I did this part time while at school and managing a part time job.
We offer baby essential items such as cots, bassinets, prams, clothing and any baby care products. Basically anything to help a baby through the first stages of their life.

It just kept growing and eventually I decided to take it on full time. We had orders every single week and I could no longer manage it on a part time basis.
I had just left Uni after not enjoying my chosen degree and my parents said if I wanted to take Mummys in Need on full time then the time was now and they were so supportive!

Our growth has been insane. In a matter of 18 months we have gone from one storage unit to 4 then to a huge 300 sqm industrial unit and instead of helping 40 children a month we can now help between 250-300!
Along with these figures we now offer material aid for up to 12 year old children too.

What is the purpose of Mummys in Need?

The purpose of Nurturing Families is to ease poverty by providing the basic essentials for a child to enter the world safely.
The purpose has not changed over the years but the amount we give out has!
We used to only offer assistance for up to 2 year olds but the more the stories rolled in the more we learnt that the older kids were also going without the basic essentials everyday.

My goal for the future is to be able to take Nurturing Families nationally so that we can ensure that all areas of New Zealand can get access to baby items they need.
I would also love to be in a position where I would be able to provide jobs to single parents who are needing to provide for their children.


What are the items you need the most?

We are in need of prams, cots and bassinets as these a crucial when entering the world and our supply is never enough!

How can people help / donate?

We’re located at 6/42 Henderson Valley Road, Auckland 0612. 
People are also more than welcome to contribute financially and we can provide them with our details via our Facebook or Instagram Page.